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Document Scanning in Oklahoma City and Tulsa

This is why businesses use document scanning systems from Standley’s. First, they offer a variety of document scanning solutions for Oklahoma City and Tulsa businesses. Next, their document scanning systems quickly convert paper into secure digital formats. Lastly, Standley’s staff are educated in the latest scanning technology solutions and will help select the right equipment for your business.

Premium Document Scanning Systems For Oklahoma City and Tulsa

Businesses in Tulsa and all through Oklahoma today need efficient scan solutions that are available to multiple users, and that are connected to systems that automate the process of indexing. Whether you need a centralized solution or distributed scanning across your entire enterprise network, the career experts at Standley Systems have done it before and are here to help. From production scanners to desktop scanners and departmental multifunction copiers, we can help you deploy an efficient, productive and secure office infrastructure.

Centralized and Optimized

If you need to scan and index a large volume of documents each day, you’ll appreciate the speed and efficiency of our advanced production scanners offer. Operating at high speed and capturing both sides of the page with one pass, these scanners complete previously-tedious paper projects quickly to save you time and hassle. We back these processes with preventative maintenance and onsite support to keep you up-and-running at all times.

Distributed Options

If you need to scan documents at the point of use throughout your organization, a distributed document scanning model will serve the needs of your Tulsa or OKC business. By deploying a combination of desktop scanners and multifunction copiers in your Tulsa and Oklahoma City offices, we make it easy for employees to scan information directly to your network folders, cloud backup storage, or document management system at the same time. We help you make sure that all your data is captured, and to do so efficiently.

Document Capture Solutions

Document scanners work by using a series of lights and mirrors to copy an image and create a digital version so that the image can easily be categorized and secured through encryption. Once documents are scanned, it’s important to make sure they are named and indexed correctly. Touchscreens on a scanner or multifunction copier can help streamline this process and keep things organized. Document capture software today uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and barcode recognition software to automatically index, route, and store your documents. Once you scan your data it is quickly editable and searchable in your database in DOC, XLS, PDF, HTML, TXT and other formats that you may need.

Speed Up Your Document Scanning

Boost your data and information productivity with scanning and document capture solutions from Standley Systems. Our staff is standing by in locations throughout Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and we are ready to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more!

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