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State of Oklahoma offices as well as schools and municipalities across the state can take advantage of the SW1013 contract for document scanning and destruction services. We take pride in serving all 77 counties in our great state.


SW1013 Contract Description

Note: Document Destruction must be purchased by state agencies through SW177. SW177 is a MANDATORY Contract for State Agencies and is awarded according to the State Use Statute, Title 74, Chapter 48, Sections 3001-3010 et. seq. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services is awarding an Enterprise Document Management Lifecycle solution for the State of Oklahoma in an effort to reduce our overall paper footprint and drive our Paperless Initiative. The document lifecycle is defined as the sequence of stages that a document goes through from its creation to its eventual archival or destruction. The stages of a document’s lifecycle include: creation, storage, categorizing, metadata tagging, delivery or sharing, repurposing, review and reporting, archiving and / or destruction. SW1013, 1013, SW1013S, Copiers, Scanners, Standley, conversion, electronic imaging, technical support, support, document management, pull requests, ECM, desktop printers, monochrome

U.S. Communities – State, Local & Educational Institutions

Today, state and local government organizations, K-12 districts and institutions of higher education face unprecedented pressure to maintain or enhance service levels, despite static or shrinking budgets. In the face of these challenges, organizations need new and better ways of operating.

Through our relationship with U.S. Communities, Standley is uniquely positioned to help address these challenges by offering innovative solutions designed to help optimize costs, enhance security, address sustainability and improve workflows. Led by Fairfax County, Virginia, U.S. Communities contract #4400003732 has been competitively solicited on a national level. Additionally, the solicitation was reviewed by multiple, large public organizations. The process enables most state, local and educational institutions to engage Standley Systems, a Savin dealer, through a simplified procurement process. This streamlined process accelerates the ability to tap into the benefits of Standley’s technology solutions.

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