I.T. Solutions: Mobility

Today’s workers rely on mobile devices. From the smart phones and tablets to custom apps and the cellular networks these devices depend on, every organization needs to consider their mobile strategy.


Standley Means Mobility

You can look to the team at Standley Systems for mobility solutions that integrate with your network infrastructure. As an AT&T partner, we are able to combine cellular data services with high-speed internet. All of this is integrated into your total infrastructure plan.

Integrated Cellular Data Solutions

Most cellular companies are focused on phones. We focus on your total I.T. strategy, integrating cellular data into your overall network and security plan. As an AT&T partner, you can take advantage of our access to this leading edge network.

Device Management and Security

Remote devices can become security issues, especially if they are lost. We give you central control over your devices, allowing them to be remotely wiped in case of theft. Our network operations center monitors your devices and ensures they are backed up.


These days, many employees bring their own devices to work. This is especially true when it comes to mobile devices. They may have business applications installed on their phones. We help you develop a BYOD strategy that ensures security.

Mobile Printing

Sometimes you need to print a document from a mobile device. Or, you may need mobile printers that can work in the field. Standley Systems brings you a wide variety of mobile solutions that ensure your users can print documents.

Develop a Mobility Plan

Do you have a mobility plan for your business? We’d be happy to help you develop one. Contact us today for a mobility assessment.

Other Standley Services


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Document Scanning

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Standley Means TechnologyTM

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