Hybrid Cloud

What is Hybrid Cloud?


With the rise of the mobile workforce and the increase in application consumption, modern businesses want the best of both worlds. A hybrid cloud environment gives the modern business the ability to decide where their workloads reside and dynamically grow when demand requires it, without compromising performance, security, reliability and availability. 


Hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines a public cloud, private cloud and on premise solutions. This environment allows data and applications to be shared between all three environments as needed. As demand fluctuates, hybrid cloud gives businesses flexibility and scalability when it comes to computing. 

What are the benefits of implementing a Hybrid Cloud environment? 


Not all business workloads are created equal. Some workloads work best running in dedicated hardware physically at the business. Other workloads have such a high demand for availability and fluidity that the cloud is the only option. Some workloads can thrive no matter where the location. It’s this flexibility to deploy and run workloads where it makes the most sense for the business that makes the Hybrid Cloud model an enticing business strategy.   

Are Hybrid Clouds Secure? 


Connecting cloud environments to other cloud environments or to on-prem environments uses industry standard best practices such as VPN tunnels, Multi-factor authentication and strong certificates to ensure that no matter the workload requirement, the business’ data will be secure. There are several tools dedicated for cloud security that can interact with on-prem security solutions to create a holistic security posture. 


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