Business Transformation: Technology Optimization

Technology drives business. However, the technology you depend on to run your organization has typically been acquired over many years. A wide variety of systems, servers, and infrastructure can leave your business vulnerable to system failure and security breaches. Aging and inconsistent technology slows down your business, frustrates your staff, and may even impact your ability to deliver excellent service.


Sometimes it’s hard to get your arms around what technology assets you have, let alone how they could be optimized. That’s where we help.

Standley Means Technology Optimization

Every day we help Oklahoma’s leading companies understand and optimize their technology infrastructure. Having served thousands of large, medium, and small businesses throughout the state, we bring a professional perspective to your technology infrastructure. Our goals are to help you reduce risks while improving productivity, allowing technology to boost your business instead of dragging it down.

Keep Your Business Safe with Facial and Thermal Recognition

Need help reopening your business safely as we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19? GoSafe is a Qualcomm based device that easily scans for an individual’s temperature, mask presence and facial recognition. Offered as a subscription-based service, GoSafe is an efficient and effective way to ensure user-friendly safety measures are in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your school, church and workplace. Want to know more?

Business Priorities

The first step is to understand your priorities. What are you trying to accomplish as an organization? How do you see your technology supporting your business goals? We use this discussion as the framework to evaluate your infrastructure of networks, servers, computers, and peripherals.

Asset Placement

Most organizations do not have a complete inventory of their technology assets. From document scanning and copiers Tulsa organizations use to IT managed services and network monitoring, we use discovery software to create a complete inventory of the systems on your network. Then, we can visit your locations to photograph, categorize, and assess these assets. We can even help you manage your assets on an ongoing basis.

Impact on People

The people that use your technology can give great insight. We can interview your core users and ask for input on how the technology supports or detracts from their ability to serve clients effectively.

Infrastructure Priorities

You get a complete report of your technology infrastructure along with recommendations to optimize over time. Urgent security risks and failure points will be identified as priority action items. Next, you’ll get a recommendation to phase in technology improvements over time.


Optimize Your Technology

Are you ready to optimize your technology? The team at Standley Systems is here to help. Contact us today to get started.

Standley Means TechnologyTM

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