Business Transformation: Document Software Integration

Imagine the productivity gains you could realize if your core document software platforms were fully integrated. Key applications like and Microsoft Dynamics explode with new possibilities when they can talk to your ERP and line of business applications.


Standley Means Integration

The document software experts at Standley Systems are ready to help you integrate, Microsoft Dynamics, and other applications with your core business software. We take it to the next level by integrating scanned documents into your applications, allowing users to access both digital and paper information. and Microsoft Dynamics Customization

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like and Microsoft Dynamics offer incredible potential. However, they need to be customized to your specific needs. Our team works with you to understand your business goals and processes. We then make recommendations to customize your CRM to support your business. Then, we look for ways to get your CRM talking with your ERP or other legacy applications. The result can be massive increases in productivity and collaboration yielding higher profits, happy employees, and raving-fan clients.

Document Management Systems

Bridging the paper and digital worlds has been an elusive goal for many organizations. The team at Standley Systems combines rich knowledge of document scanning and document management systems with I.T. expertise to create document management systems that fully integrate with your other software applications. Imagine being able to pull up a customer record in and be able to link directly to a scanned document related to a client. We can make this happen.

When it comes to effective software solutions and strategies, Standley’s has one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Whether you’re in Tulsa, OKC or any other location in Oklahoma, we will help your business chart a course through the sometimes murky waters of software technologies.

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Integrate Your Applications

Are you ready to boost your productivity? Contact the team at Standley Systems today to discover the possibilities of integrating your software applications.

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When it comes to copiers, laser printers, document scanning, as well as business phone systems, document management systems, and IT managed services, Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses see the Standley difference and know we’re here to help make your company come out a winner.