Business Transformation: Process Optimization

Distill any business down to its core and you’ll find a set of business processes. When these processes run well, the business is profitable, clients are happy, and employees have an environment to enjoy their work. When processes run poorly it becomes a drain on profits, clients get poor service, and employees get frustrated.


The challenge is that it can be nearly impossible to see the forest through the trees when looking at your own business processes. Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to look at your business and give you insight into where your business processes are bogging down.

Standley Means Process Optimization

The team at Standley Systems brings a broad base of experience in business process optimization to help your business run more effectively. Our team of professionals in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma knows how to analyze your business processes and make recommendations to improve your organization.

Business Priorities

We begin by understanding your business goals. What’s important to you? What are you trying to accomplish? From there, we establish a list of priorities through which we evaluate your processes with the goal of determining how well your process serves your priorities.

People And Process

People are the heartbeat of any business. From your staff to clients and suppliers, we look at how people interact inside the business process. We interview key stakeholders at each stage of the process to get an understanding of their goals and challenges.

Paper and Digital

Documents drive business processes. From paper documents to digital files, emails, and even instant messages, information flows through your business processes in a variety of formats. Bridging the paper and digital worlds is often the wildcard. We look for ways to make that flow of information smoothly and seamlessly.

Process Problems

As we talk to people and trace the flow of information through your business we look for obvious and hidden problems. Special effort is made to determine the impact of these problems related to the business priorities.


Finally, we deliver a presentation with our findings. From our evaluation of your priorities, people, paper, and problems, we collaborate to find constructive solutions to help your business run more efficiently and effectively.


Optimize Your Processes

Could your business benefit from process optimization? Contact the Standley Systems team to learn more.

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