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Oklahoma businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations face tremendous challenges when it comes to technology, information security, and document management systems. At the same time, technology offers the promise of improving productivity and enhancing security while minimizing expenses. Standley Systems started as a hardware provider and has expanded over the years alongside technology, to provide the products and support our customers need. We offer an inclusive set of products and services like copiers and IT managed services Tulsa businesses can implement to meet specific needs. With Standley Systems as your partner, you are sure to succeed.

Standley Means Technology

We help organizations from Tulsa to Oklahoma City and everywhere in between use technology to transform their business. From consulting services to implementation and support, our team of professionals is ready to help you achieve your goals. Click on the headings below to discover more about how we can help your business. Standley helps clients solve problems and save money through efficiencies. We offer reliability, integrity, and honesty every day in everything we do.

Business Transformation

Most Oklahoma organizations want to find ways to integrate technology to transform their businesses and make them more efficient, secure, and economical. Standley Systems is your partner and can support you as you transform your business.

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Process Optimization

Optimize your business processes to increase efficiencies, streamline your workflow and decrease costs.

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Technology Optimization

Optimize the technology in your office, integrate old and new infrastructure, and achieve maximum productivity.

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Document Management Systems

Organize, store and manage data through each stage of its lifecycle with document management from Standley Systems.

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Software Integration

Integrate all your software platforms so they work together to help boost your business.

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IT Solutions

Standley offers a variety of comprehensive IT solutions and IT managed services Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses use daily. Keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with our solutions that are custom tailored for you. We are the Oklahoma City and Tulsa provider with inclusive IT solutions for businesses large and small. Learn More

Business Continuity

Ensure your business stays up and running in the event of a disaster.

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Unified Communication

Integrate email, text, voice, mobile and other forms of communication to keep your office connected and your systems running efficiently.

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Computer, Storage, and Virtualization

Take advantage of cloud and virtualization solutions to keep your data secure and your operations scalable.

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Personal Computing

Find the right machines for your office and implement the latest technology.

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Public and Private Cloud

Take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to keep your data secure and accessible from any location.

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Secure your networks and data and mitigate risk by implementing important cybersecurity protections.

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Standley Systems offers a wide variety of print solutions to support your Tulsa business.

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Copiers and Laser Printers

From simple copiers Tulsa and OKC organizations use to high-powered multifunction printers, Standley Systems has the copy and print devices to increase efficiency and profits.

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Production Print

Keep large projects in-house with professional-grade production print solutions.

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Document Scanning

Scan documents and automatically save and store them to stay organized efficiently.

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Managed Print Services

Let Standley Systems manage your laser printers and support the devices in your office to free up time for other tasks. Learn More

Workflow Solutions

Streamline your workflow to reduce costs, help employees thrive and improve customer satisfaction.
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Contract Vehicles

Take advantage of the SW1013 contract for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) equipment and solutions through Standley Systems.
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Standley Means TechnologyTM

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When it comes to copiers, laser printers, document scanning, as well as business phone systems, document management systems, and IT managed services, Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses see the Standley difference and know we’re here to help make your company come out a winner.