Top 5 Ways to Save Money with Managed Print

We know that plenty of businesses say that they can save you money, and the reality is that you don’t need a service for everything. Often, there are specialty services that address a time consuming, costly issue, that as a business you shouldn’t be spending any excess money or time on. Print is exactly one of those business functions.

Everyone needs print, but the smart management of it is significantly better for business than just throwing money at the problem until it blows up your budget. Read on for a service that impacts your business tremendously with savings and productivity improvements.

5 Ways to Save

Here are the top five ways that managed print services can re-align your print environment to the streamlined operation it should be.

Reduce spending on supplies

Supplies can often be over-ordered, inaccurate, insufficient, or just off. Avoid this with the streamlined, on-time ordering included in managed print.

Streamline devices and cut repair costs

Multiple devices can be a money pit, with repairs and supplies getting mixed up or misused. Managed print services include a print audit that evaluates what kind of equipment you need and how to best use it for cost efficiency.

Integrate security with printing

From password protection to encrypted data, print security is a top priority of the management team.

Ease employee burden

Let’s be honest about this – your print environment should not take so much time from the administrative assistant staff or any employees. Give them a break and outsource it!

Manage your print budget

Get a realistic print budget you can stick to, using data from the print audit and information about what your budget goals are.

Standley’s Knows Managed Print

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