Tim Elliott

Born 1958 in Chickasha to Jimmy and Barbara Elliott, Tim Elliott is the grandson of founder Fred Standley. The family business is all he has ever known. Tim graduated in the upper 75% of his class from Chickasha High School in 1976.

He has worked at Standley cleaning typewriters and whatever needed to be done since he was 13. Starting in 1976, he worked on typewriters and made deliveries and continued that effort until his father and uncle figured out he could not fix anything but had a knack for sales and relationships with customers. So, the course was set. He began selling typewriters and calculators and then moved to selling copiers at 21, opened the Duncan location in 1981 and Lawton in 1982 and began managing three locations in 1985.
Tim has steered Standley’s for the last 30 years to six locations, covering all 77 counties in Oklahoma, and employing 100 professionals.

Tim is responsible for the vision of the company and making sure all 100 people have the correct seat on the bus. He answers his own phone and has a list of customers that he takes care of himself so he is never far away from the action. This gives him a sense of reality of what is really going on in the office technology and equipment world. His goal with every customer is to see how much money he can save them and still make enough money to provide the funds to continue supplying the technology needs for customers.
Tim is treasurer of the Chickasha Economic Development Council and past city council member; he also worked with the boy scouts and is very involved with his church and political campaigns.

Tim is married to Melissa and has 6 children. He enjoys spending all the time he can with them. He loves to camp and work around the house and farm.

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