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For years, Standley Systems has had the privilege of serving the State of Oklahoma’s diverse and evolving technology needs and with the recent renewal of State Service Contract SW1013S we remain fully committed to helping however we can, as you navigate and manage the needs of your agency. Want to know more about our world and how we approach life and business?

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Want to know more about our world and how we approach life and business?

Standley Systems Overview

Standley Means Technology

We know that business technology means different things to different people and that not all state agencies have the same needs or goals. 

Our team is here to listen and help navigate and leverage technology solutions to help your agency implement the right solution to serve the public. 


In today’s office environment, your office equipment provides a critical bridge between paper and digital information, and laser printers must be able to quickly convert documents back to digital formats. Standley’s print solutions all all of this to happen with affordable color, flexible finishing options, and customizable control panels to help maximize efficiency. 

We accomplish all this by partnering with: 

  • Savin
  • HP
  • Kyocera 
  • Xerox
  • Brother

Document Management Services:

Standley understands that each agency has different goals and objectives to serve the people of our great state and that large volumes of paper and digital information often present challenges. 

Our Document Management solutions can help your agency create and implement a records retention plan to fit your specific needs. From document scanning and capture strategies, we can help you manage your information.

IT Solutions:

Standley Systems currently provides the State of Oklahoma: 

On-premise cloud services or Datacenter as a Service, serving the State of Oklahoma from the OMES Datacenter. This solution provides all the advantages of an AWS or Azure service without the ingress and egress charges for data movement. We provide enough available compute, storage and backup headroom for the State to test and implement quality hosted solutions for the people of Oklahoma. 

  • 99.999% uptime since contract start
  • Ability to Add to this framework or stand up similar solutions in other locations
  • We provide on-site datacenter engineering resources to insure our framework delivers the expected return

Other available IT resources include: 

  • DaaS, Device as a Service
  • WaaS, Wireless as a Service
  • Innovative Technologies
  • IT Consultation
  • SmartHands – Standley service technicians assist your IT team by providing on-site physical support; e.g. replacing routers, configuring PCs, or replacing wireless bridges

At Standley Systems, we understand investing in innovative technologies is key to helping Oklahoma maintain and strengthen its ability to satisfy the growing demands and needs of all those you serve. We look forward to helping however we can.

How can we help your agency?

Standley Means TechnologyTM

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When it comes to copiers, laser printers, document scanning, as well as business phone systems, document management systems, and IT managed services, Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses see the Standley difference and know we’re here to help make your company come out a winner.