Product Spotlight: Savin 3406WD Printer

Sometimes, standard-sized paper can’t adequately capture a project’s broad details or bold visual impacts. For professionals in industries including architecture, engineering, transportation, real estate and marketing, wide-format technology is an office necessacity. The addition of a wide-format printer saves Standley Systems’ clients time and money and brings them greater efficiency by eliminating the need to outsource print jobs.

This month’s product spotlight is the Savin 3406WD Wide Format Digital Imaging System. Every Savin wide-format model has copier, scanner and printer capabilities and accepts images from desktops, flash drives or hand-fed documents to produce high-quality duplications.

The Savin 3406WD prints six pages per minute. You can scan documents of all sizes and types, make last-minute changes with ease, and distribute copies directly to contractors or clients in the field.

Additional benefits include:

  • Workplace customization and organization — all of your business documents in one secure place
  • Automated paper-based processes, including scan-to-file, scan-to-email and scan-to-archive
  • Reduced costs by eliminating overnight delivery, storage and document handling fees

To find out if this wide-format model is right for your office, contact us or visit Savin’s website for more information.

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