Managed Print Services Assessment

Is your organization’s printing decentralized? Are you interested in getting a handle on your printing cost while gaining visibility? If so, Managed Print Services (MPS), may be the solution for you.  

What is Managed Print Service?

Managed Print Services is a concept that has been embraced by many organizations. Moving to a managed print service model has a generous return on investment, even though some of the benefits are hidden from view until a thorough analysis has been done.  The analysis takes a deep dive into the client’s print environment to look at all print costs, print functions and output, inventory and device placement. MPS brings visibility to your processes and print costs.  It is the goal of MPS to:
  • Standardize hardware
  • Reduce print volume
  • Improve security
  • Control/ accountability
  • Free up IT resources to focus on mission critical applications
  • Implement best practices
  • Retain dynamic ability to meet user needs
  • Increase organizational efficiency without sacrificing productivity
Our purpose and MPS partnership strategy is to transition clients from a complex print environment to a simple, fully visible print environment that is easy to monitor, measure, and manage. With our MPS program in place, we are able to not only drive costs down long term but implement best practices and sustainability measures across the company to support your strategic initiatives.   

What is a Free Assessment? 

Through Standley’s proven process, we identify complexities, inefficiencies, total cost of ownership, and challenges that impact budget and productivity. With the ability to analyze critical data through our proven process and comprehensive print management mapping utilities, we conduct a full assessment. Through logistics mapping and assessment, our MPS team will identify and analyze the existing MFP and printer fleet to determine the most cost-efficient models for standardization and the most effective optimization strategy. The assessment process consists of seven steps
  1. Installation of software to your devices that tracks your print volumes and user preferences
  2. Mapping & Cost Data Collection
    1. Collect floor plans of your facility for inventory mapping. We will also collect any cost data including invoices and supply costs.
  3. Schedule 1st and 2nd on-site visits with pre-arranged employee interviews
  4. Conduct 1st read assessment: Logistics mapping of primary sites, full inventory and configuration and usage page collection from all print devices capable
  5. Conduct 2nd read assessment: Solution mapping of primary sites, employee interviews, configuration and usage page collection from all print devices capable for 2nd meters & usage analysis. 
  6. Data Analysis & Validation
  7. Findings & Recommendations
Once a thorough assessment has been completed we are able to use those findings to make a custom solution to transition your print processes and workflow to a simple, fully visible print environment that is easy to track, monitor, and measure.  If you’d like to drive down costs, improve security, and maximize productivity, schedule your FREE assessment today!  

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