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Delivering healthcare in today’s environment means maximizing patient outcomes while controlling expenses and ensuring privacy. When it comes to your I.T. infrastructure and document management you need a partner that can help you navigate these challenges while providing responsive support to keep your staff productive.


Standley Means Healthcare

We’ve helped Oklahoma’s leading healthcare providers deliver excellent patient care by maximizing their use of technology. Our unique combination of competencies in I.T. and document management put us in a position to offer excellent advice when it comes to integrating information into an EMR system or deploying HIPAA compliant solutions.

Information Privacy

Complying with the privacy components of HIPAA regulations requires a comprehensive strategy that incorporates both digital and paper-based records. We help you ensure the security of your network. We also extend security to your printing infrastructure with secure printing technologies that ensure your patient information is not left sitting unsecured on a printer exit tray or on a copier hard drive.

IT Solutions

Cyber-criminals and hackers continually work to penetrate healthcare networks. We help you deploy the latest security solutions and then monitor your network 24 hours a day. With the latest firewall and email security technology, we help keep your data secure. When onsite support is needed, our statewide team of field service technicians will respond quickly to your needs.

Scanning and Document Capture

While many organizations have implemented EMR the reality is that much patient information still resides in paper documents. We can help you implement a productive and secure document scanning infrastructure that allows you to send documents to your EMR, document management, or secure sharing locations.


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