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The financial services industry has unique requirements when it comes to documents and data. Government regulations require the protection of personal and credit information. Cyber criminals continually look for ways to infiltrate the network. At the same time, paper plays a critical role in financial business transactions.


Standley Means Finance

We understand the unique challenges that our financial services clients face. Standley Systems combines decades of experience in printing and document management with the latest security strategies to help you create a secure and compliant environment while maximizing your customer service.

Business Transformation

Streamline the flow of information through your core business processes. From applications and approvals to printing and distributing transactional documents or statements, we can help. Our workflow specialists look at your current processes and find ways to implement technology to improve your productivity.

Print and Data Security

While every financial services organization is focused on data security, one area that is often overlooked is print security. Confidential information sitting on the exit tray of a printer or archived on an unsecured hard drive in a copier can pose a significant risk. We help our financial services clients implement and enforce secure printing environments. With our network security services, we also help secure your network and data.

Document Production

Printing high volumes of client statements can be a challenge. Standley Systems brings you high-volume transactional printing solutions that allow you to print customer documents in full color using variable data. All of this is done on high-volume digital presses that maximize your productivity while minimizing expenses.

Document Lifecycle Management

Archiving large amounts of paper and digital information poses a significant challenge for financial services firms. We can help you implement a document management solution along with a document scanning infrastructure to capture information in all of your locations. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, our software integration services can connect your document management system to your legacy applications, helping you create a better client experience.


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