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Oklahoma’s energy industry is a global hub for innovation and exploration. Behind all of this, technology drives the energy business. From network support and security to the latest printing innovations, Standley Systems helps your energy company achieve its mission.


Standley Means Energy

We are uniquely equipped to help energy companies succeed. With statewide field service technicians, mobile data solutions, and wide format printers, you can look to Standley Systems to provide the full suite of technologies your team needs.

Statewide Services

While you may have large offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the reality is that most energy companies are facing the challenge of remote locations in rural areas. With our statewide technical support team we are able to handle technology support no matter where you are located.

Mobile Solutions

With remote locations you need mobile data solutions that allow your team to communicate. With our AT&T partnership we can integrate your computer network with the country’s leading cellular data provider. Combined with our Unified Communications solutions, we help your team collaborate whether they are in a conference room, on the road, or next to a drilling site.

Security and Records Retention

Government regulations mandate security and records retention. By combining our I.T. management expertise with decades of experience in document management, we can help you create a secure and searchable repository of business information that keeps you compliant and productive.


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