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Educating the next generation of leaders may be the most important thing our society can do. Maximizing learning outcomes with technology while minimizing expenses can be a challenge.


Standley Means Education

We’ve been serving Oklahoma schools for decades through the Oklahoma state contract. At Standley Systems we understand the unique challenges that our schools face. We also have had the privilege of getting to know many of the education leaders that are on the leading edge of innovation. You can look to Standley Systems as a partner that is committed to helping educate the next generation of Oklahoma’s leaders.

Printing Solutions

More educational material is moving from textbooks to printed handouts. While this saves money on purchasing books, it also requires the schools to have an infrastructure of productive and cost-effective laser printers and copiers. You can take advantage of affordable color printing solutions combined with print management software that helps you control and minimize printing expenses. All of this comes with Standley Systems’ legendary statewide support team.

IT Managed Services

The I.T. infrastructure of your school district forms the backbone of education. From securing staff servers and student information to providing support for laptops and tablets in the classroom, you need a partner with a seasoned field service team that can support your needs. That’s when IT managed services for Tulsa and OKC businesses come in to play. Standley Systems combines remote monitoring and security through our Network Operations Center with on-site support to make sure your technology is ready for your teachers and students to use.

Asset Tracking Solutions

With I.T. assets scattered across multiple locations and rooms, it can be nearly impossible to inventory and track expensive computer equipment. Asset tracking services from Standley Systems help you create a complete inventory of your I.T. assets and allow you to manage that inventory centrally.

Document Lifecycle Management and Records Retention

School districts face the challenge of securely managing student information. Ensuring this information is secured and archived can be a challenge. Through our partnership with the State of Oklahoma, we can help you design and implement a document lifecycle management and records retention program.


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