Industries: Architecture, Construction & Engineering

Whether you are designing and constructing buildings, roads, or the prototype for the next revolutionary product, technology can play a pivotal role in the creation and rollout of your projects. While we usually think of larger trucks and big equipment, the I.T. and printing tools you use play a huge role in the success of your projects.


Standley Means Architecture, Construction & Engineering

Standley Systems helps you bring your creations to life with technologies that maximize your creativity and productivity. From wide-format printers and document scanners to document management systems to store job documents, we can help you get jobs done on time and under budget.

Wide-Format Systems

Plans and drawings can be printed on-demand with wide format systems that print and copy in black and white or full color. Instead of waiting for a blueprint company to deliver your documents you can print drawings instantly at your job site. When it comes time to make revisions, take notes directly on the plan and scan it as an email attachment or digital file.

Document Management Systems

One of the most time-consuming parts of a job is compiling all of the documentation to hand over to the building owner. With document management technology from Standley Systems, you can gather all of the documentation throughout the project. Digital files and document scanning can be organized in a fully-searchable format and then handed off to the client. Plus, you can access the digital archive of documents from computers and tablets in the field. Our high-speed multifunction copiers for Tulsa businesses make quick work of printing outbid responses, manuals, and job specs.

Mobile Data

Construction companies depend on secure mobile solutions. With our integrated networking strategy, we can provide mobile communication solutions that integrate seamlessly with your network. Unified Communication facilitates collaboration whether you are in the office or on a job site.


Maximize Your Productivity

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Standley Means TechnologyTM

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When it comes to copiers, laser printers, document scanning, as well as business phone systems, document management systems, and IT managed services, Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses see the Standley difference and know we’re here to help make your company come out a winner.