Benefits: Tighter Security

Data security is a hot topic in today’s world of cyber-criminals and hackers. Every day, businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations are held hostage by cyber-crime. Breaches of confidential data can negatively impact your organization’s reputation while causing unnecessary legal problems.


Standley Means Security

We understand the importance of data security. We’ve structured our business to provide our clients with a comprehensive data security solution that starts with the network and extends through your laser printers and document storage strategies.

Network Security

Security begins with ensuring you have the latest firewall technology. It continues with a strategy to keep every device on your network updated with the latest security and software patches. Then, with IT managed services Tulsa and Oklahoma City depend on, our team monitors your network 24 hours a day from our Oklahoma-based Network Operations Center. All of this is aimed at maximizing your security.

Secure Printing Solutions

One of the most overlooked areas of security is related to printing. Secure Print solutions require users to authenticate at the print device before documents are released, eliminating the risk of secure data sitting in public view on an output tray. Hard Drive Encryption on multifunction copiers helps ensure scanned documents are not accessible to the wrong people. Logs of print jobs by users provide a trail of printing usage to ensure compliance.

Document Management Systems

Paper-based information stored in filing cabinets poses a substantial risk of theft. Electronic Document Management solutions allow you to store your key business information in a secure system. Only users with password-protected access can see documents. Usage logs help provide a documented trail for compliance or legal issues. When a document reaches its statute of limitations, we help you deploy processes to securely destroy the document.


Boost Your Security

Are you ready to enhance your data security? We’re ready to help with a comprehensive solution. Contact us today to learn more.

Standley Means TechnologyTM

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