Benefits: Reduced Expenses

In today’s world of profit pressures, organizations need new ways to manage and reduce expenses. When it comes to your technology, there are many areas we can help you find savings.


Standley Means Savings

We’ve been helping Oklahoma organizations manage and reduce their expenses. From savings in your print output or cellular data costs to leveraging the power of the cloud, there are many practical ways we can drive bottom-line savings.

Managed Services

There may be parts of your I.T. support that we could help with, reducing your need to grow your I.T. staff and keeping them focussed on core initiatives. IT Managed Services Tulsa and OKC organizations have available to them such as remote monitoring, helpdesk support, and Office 365 management can help you reduce your support expenses.

Printer Management

One often-overlooked area of cost savings is with laser printers. Our Managed Print Services program analyzes your current print costs and makes recommendations to reduce expenses. We then manage your fleet of printers and copiers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City with proactive supply fulfillment, eliminating the need to stockpile costly supplies. All of this is done with a predictable and transparent budget.

Communication and Network Services

Mobile data, internet, and telephone line costs are an area where companies can save money. With Unified Communication solutions, we help companies eliminate the need for phone lines by leveraging their internet connection for voice calls. As an AT&T partner, we are also able to provide a comprehensive solution that helps our clients manage and reduce their cellular data expenses.

Asset Tracking

Many companies have no system in place to track I.T. assets like computers, servers, and network infrastructure. This leads to unnecessary costs and redundant systems. Our Asset Tracking services create a full inventory of your I.T. assets. This provides a system to manage and monitor these devices, helping you save money.


Ready to Start Saving?

We’re ready to help. Our team of professionals can help you develop a technology strategy to reduce your expenses. Contact us today to learn more.

Standley Means TechnologyTM

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When it comes to copiers, laser printers, document scanning, as well as business phone systems, document management systems, and IT managed services, Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses see the Standley difference and know we’re here to help make your company come out a winner.