Benefits: Increased Productivity

Improve your productivity and you improve every aspect of your business. Employees are happier as processes run more efficiently. Customers get better support. Suppliers enjoy serving you. Best of all, profits increase as you do more with less.


Standley Means Productivity

Productivity is at the heart of everything we do. From consulting services focused on improving your business processes to the most productive technologies, you can look to Standley Systems to bring innovations that make you more efficient. All of this is backed by our legendary service experience. The net result: you improve your productivity and your profits.

Streamlined Business Processes

Every organization is comprised of people and processes. When you streamline the flow of information through your business processes, productivity increases. Our Business Transformation philosophy aims to improve the flow of information through your processes. You benefit from a comprehensive approach that includes your I.T. Infrastructure along with your Document Lifecycle. From office processes to production print workflow, we help your organization run more efficiently.

Software Integration

One powerful way to boost productivity is to integrate your systems. We can help you connect your CRM like or Microsoft Dynamics to your legacy and line-of-business applications. We can also integrate Document Management software with your other software applications, giving your team instant access to the documents they need.

The Latest Technology

Technology drives productivity. From the fastest network laser printers, computers, and unified communication systems to on-prem and cloud servers we help you create a blazing fast I.T. Infrastructure. This extends to document scanning production with multifunction copiers for the Tulsa office and digital presses for production print environments. All of this works together to maximize your productivity.

Responsive Support

Nothing slows productivity more than technology downtime. You can look to Standley to support your business technology. Rather than waiting for problems to happen, we take a proactive approach, network monitoring print devices 24 hours a day through our Network Operations Center. In many cases, we are able to address issues before they become work-stopping problems. When on-site support is needed, our team of field service technicians responds quickly to get you up and running.


Ready to Improve Your Productivity?

If you’re ready to boost your productivity, we’re ready to help. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Standley Means TechnologyTM

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