How to Avoid an Email Breach

Email breaches can take down a whole system. For example, a large healthcare system in Washington recently had to alert patients from the last two years that their HIPAA data may have been compromised through an email breach.

How does that happen? If employees use predictable passwords, it can easily be guessed. And you would be surprised at what businesses are a target – even yours may be under fire, but there just haven’t been any vulnerabilities discovered yet.

As with the Washington hospital, this quickly becomes a trust issue with customers or patients and is also a PR disaster. No one wants their business to look unprepared or unprotected. Cybersecurity and risk management are now critical aspects of any business.

Security Risks Come to Life

Hacks, breaches, and serious security threats are not just things that you read about in the news as they hit other companies. They can impact your business just as swiftly. If your business is small, has dated systems, or hasn’t invested in top quality risk management strategies, you could be in for a big awakening.

Trick the hackers before they trick you by overhauling your security and investing in risk management. Avoiding a breach may be as simple as really addressing risk management at your company.

Impacts and Strategies

Impacts of a system that works to protect you – with proper mitigation of risk, security features, and protections – can ripple across your business. Making security a priority shows your employees, customers, clients, and the public that you’re serious about protecting information and not letting anything slip through. Their trust will improve, and your company will feel it as well.

Cybersecurity and risk management means addressing information, privacy, potential threats, policies, information protection, and data. The best way to find a solution that addresses all of these issues is to partner with a professional, remote monitoring team for your security solutions.

Get More Help

Don’t go at it alone for security and risk management. Get in touch with Standley Systems to set up what you need today.

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