Ensure Office Equipment is HIPAA Compliant

Establishing that office printers and copiers are HIPAA compliant is a critical aspect of health care operations. All print technology and other equipment data must be secured and maintained as outlined in HIPAA. This includes all office machines, from printers to fax machines or copiers. The functionality to produce or output information must be secured to be in compliance.

Healthcare Requires the Right Tools

Because protected health information or PHI can be so impacted by breaches, the threat is real. For example, in past data breaches of health care practices, the costs relating to fixing issues with office equipment alone can be upwards of $1 million – enough to sink many businesses.

How to Confirm Compliance

Following HIPAA means that only staff can have access to information with PHI, and they must also know how to manage that information in a way that doesn’t release it or transfer it outside the secure protocols. This means no file transfer access on machines or security ‘holes’ in the network.

Confirming compliance also means taking precautionary measures, like establishing password protections, multiple layers of authentication, encryption across the network, and tracked data and documents.

Risk Management

For ensuring HIPAA compliance, securing PHI, and protecting your network, business, and data, risk management is the overarching answer. Many tech companies today will work with businesses to address possible threats, business-specific concerns, and how to be proactive. This is where choosing the right office equipment and technology company comes in, and Standley’s checks all the boxes.

Safeguard Your Practice

Watching out for patients isn’t just best practice, it’s HIPAA. When laws require exact regulatory compliance, it’s something you deliver. It’s critical to ensure that patients are protected, and PHI is secure to regulation. Let’s talk about how to confirm your equipment matches up.

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