Business In A Box

A Complete Business Network & Server In One Box

Standley’s Business In a Box is a full network and server solution for a business of seven or fewer employees. The system is easy to set up, connected by you, and remotely configured by our team. This system is fully compliant with our high standards for IT systems including ease of support and affordable for most companies.

What is included?

Complete hardware and licensing for three years. The Synology storage unit with Standley’s data center storage as well as Meraki security appliance allows for your system to store needed information on site for security and ease of use operations. Our cloud system allows up to 1TB of back up storage, Windows 2019 Essentials, Veeam back up, and Merkai licensing and support.


Installation & Configuration

  • Migration of old data to a new shared folder
  • Set up users and permissions for file access
  • Set up shared print spooling/drivers
  • Configure Line-of-business software*
  • Configure VPN tunnels for remote users
  • Install access point, if necessary
  • Configure wireless access, including guest
  • Configure backup system, including cloud (if available)

* If possible on server OS, no database involved

Ongoing 8×5 MNS Support

  • Support for up to 7 phones*
  • Support for up to 7 computers*
  • Support for network & server
  • Complete hardware warranty for existing computers*
  • Support for vendors
  • On-site support (after all remote options exhausted)

*Existing equipment must meet minimum standards


For more information on our Business In A Box solution, please fill out our contact sheet.

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