I.T. Solutions: Managed Services

Need help managing your network? Whether you are a small buisness that doesn’t have an I.T. department or a large organization with an I.T. team that needs help, Managed I.T. Services bring you an affordable, scalable, and professional solution.


Standley Means Managed I.T. Services

You can trust the I.T. team at Standley Systems to be an extension of your business. Our team of certified professionals is ready to help you monitor your network, provide help desk support, and provide on-site support.

Remote Monitoring

24 hours a day, hackers are roaming the internet looking for vulnerable companies. Meanwhile, critical pieces of infrastructure like hard drives may be on the edge of failure. You need someone watching your network for problems. From our network operations center in Oklahoma City, we watch your network, looking for issues. Then, we work to resolve them before they become large problems.

Help Desk

Your users have questions and need support. You can take advantage of our help desk to provide prompt support to your users. Small businesses love the rapid response. Large I.T. departments appreciate the opportunity to not be distracted from important technology initiatives.

On Site Support

Sometimes you need someone to come fix or replace a device. Our team of field service technicians respond quickly to your needs. From desktop computers and servers to printers, copiers, and phone systems, our team is ready to help with your technology support needs.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 solutions are the backbone of email and productivity apps. We help you manage your Office 365 subscription, providing license management and provisioning new users. We can also help you select the right mix of applications to help maximize your productivity while minimizing your expense.

Cloud Solutions

Most organizations use a variety of cloud services for storage and collaboration. However, without a central management strategy, you may be creating unnecessary security risks and costs. You can look to the team at Standley Systems to help you manage your cloud solutions. In addition to helping you streamline and secure your cloud services, we can quickly provision and delete users as your needs change.

Help Us Manage Our I.T.

Are you ready to discover a service-oriented Oklahoma partner for your I.T. Management needs? Contact the team at Standley Systems today to learn more about how you could benefit.

Standley Means TechnologyTM

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