Business Transformation: Document Lifecycle Management

Every document has a lifecycle. From creation and distribution to storage and destruction, the way you manage paper-based business information matters. Not being able to produce documents when you need them can lead to frustration and legal risk. Keeping documents past the statute of limitations can create unnecessary liability.


Standley Means Document Management

Standley Systems helps you manage your documents. We look at your core documents, examine the relevant regulatory issues, and help you develop a document retention plan. As a team of document professionals, Oklahoma organizations have looked to us for decades to manage their paper and digital business information.

Core Document Inventory

Every business has a core set of documents that drive business processes. The content and structure of these documents can determine your productivity and your business risk. We help you create an inventory of your core documents, allowing you to understand, review, and manage these documents.

Compliance Issues

Every industry is impacted by government regulations that mandate information privacy. We help you understand the compliance issues that may be impacting your business and create a plan to reduce your risk.

Document Retention Plan

Key information needs to be stored, searchable, and accessible for a period of time. However, some information can be scheduled for destruction after the statute of limitations is reached. We help you develop and implement a plan to store your key documents and schedule them for destruction at the appropriate time.


Start Managing Your Document Lifecycle

Are you ready to start managing your document lifecycles? Standley Systems is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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