With document processing devices increasingly becoming more sophisticated and mandatory for typical office work, it makes sense to manage them efficiently. This strategy in today’s workplaces is called Managed Print Services (MPS) and Standley excels at giving IT decision-makers a comprehensive way to assess, transform and manage an otherwise undetermined set of factors affecting cost and productivity.

MPS can be a smart decision for a business that owns and operates several printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines. The ideal time to establish an MPS scenario is at the very start of opening business or at least when document processing devices near their three-year lease renewal consideration.

MPS is a solution that identifies, controls and manages costs associated with document output.

After a thorough assessment using AssetDB and Print Audit solutions, Standley explores strategic and financial decision options with its Optimize tool. This sets the stage for Standley’s unique 24/7 service availability and, for some companies, its ManageIT solution that provides expert virtual IT management and its continual cutting-edge focus on IT performance and decision-making both now and into the future.

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