Where are you located and what regions do you serve?

With eight locations in Oklahoma, we cover the entire state. Our offices are in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ponca City, Chickasha, Duncan and Ardmore.

What's involved with the initial assessment?

Standley uses "collection" software that's safely activated on your IT system. It identifies locations of IT assets in your office and summarizes device usage and costs. End-user interviews complete the process. As a result, our team can give you options for improved performance, regardless of the size and scope of your IT system.

Why do you just recommend Savin products?

Savin and its parent company Ricoh are industry leaders and we are proud to be a certified Savin partner. By specializing in Savin products, we can focus our entire organization on unmatched support of these best-of-class products. We believe that our existing and prospective customers get the best possible document processing technology because of this affiliation.

What's the typical amount of time that a new customer's IT equipment and configurations are set up and running?

Many installations happen on the same day of delivery. Our delivery and implementation teams will coordinate and plan with your on-staff IT personnel to insure the new device is set up, configured and operational within the planned timeline.

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What's the advantage to me that you've been in business for 80 years?

Standley Systems is an 80-year-old family-owned and operated business. Serving Oklahoma businesses for three generations provides long-term relationships and unmatched levels of trust in the communities we serve. Our commitments are trustworthy.

What kind of record do you have in customer retention?

We measure our customer retention with a third-party loyalty metric service called Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS measures the level to which customers will promote the company to others. Standley consistently ranks within the top 20 companies in the nation with scores above 95%.

How does Standley and its team members stay informed about tech advances?

Our founder, Fred Standley, set the standard for adding and servicing new office machines as they came to the market and customers requested them. In much the same way today, the Standley team participates in significant training and continued education through vendor and manufacturer events. This pays off for our customers whose workplace operations and IT needs continue to evolve.

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What does 24/7 mean? Is this an add-on service or standard?

Our 24/7 commitment means we provide on-site service both during and after normal business hours- 24 hours per day and seven days a week. Standley Systems is the only dealership in Oklahoma that offers this level of service at no additional charge and as a standard commitment to every customer. At its basic level, this means we will provide emergency service to a copier or printer that is completely inoperable when there is not a reasonable backup device that can be utilized.

What does the training of new customers on new products or solutions look like?

We provide on-site, web-based, and document-based training to all new customers on new hardware and software. Training is free of charge (unless otherwise stated) and is provided at no cost throughout the term of our partnership.

How do customers place service calls and order supplies?

Customers can place service calls and order supplies by phone, email, fax or via our website.

Where do customers find their ID numbers?

Every Standley device that is installed through a maintenance contract has an equipment ID number. This number will appear on the Standley System label which is generally placed near the top right corner of the device.

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Is there a trial period for products or solutions?

Yes, we do offer trial periods for most products and solutions. This gives you and your business or company the time to test-run the hardware or software, see the results, hear the feedback from co-workers and make any adjustments to configurations or your overall choices. Our sales executive can assist you with these requests.

Do you both lease and sell products and solutions?

Yes, we offer several financial acquisition programs including lease and purchase programs for our products and solutions. Standley's customers appreciate this flexibility that helps accommodate budget cycles, cost preferences, short-term uses and future reconfigurations.

What are advantages to Managed Print Services and Managed Network Services?

It's common for IT assets to be fragmented since they are often added in a rush and not managed strategically. Standley offers software tools to provide smart management of both document and imaging devices (Managed Print Services) and of periphery computers and networks (Managed Network Services). Managing the IT this way helps lower operational costs, reduce environmental impact, mitigate security risks and improve productivity.

What is 3D printing?

When needing a prototype or model of an object, businesses, corporations and research institutions have discovered the advantages of installing their own 3D printers. These marvels of object reproduction use sophisticated design or scanner technology to create 3D models of varying sizes and with near identical detail out of ceramic powder, polymer or plastic. Industries that can benefit from the use of 3D printers include manufacturers, architects, engineers, product developers and healthcare.
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